Ensaladas y Tablas/ Salads and Charcuterie

Ensaladas/ Salads


Ensalada Rusa (V)* (G)*

Cold potato salad with carrots, peas, tuna, piquillo peppers and mayonnaise served with mini bread sticks

Ensalada de Patata (V) (G)

Crushed warm potato salad with onion, parsley, extra virgin olive oil and seasoning

Campera (V) (G)

Mixed leaves, red onion, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, green olives and extra virgin olive oil

Pollo caliente con Jamón Serrano (G)

Mixed leaves, red onion, cherry tomatoes, pan fried chicken fillet pieces and Serrano Ham with garlic oil


Tablas/ Charcuterie

Tabla de Quesos (V)* (G)*

A selection of Spanish cheeses with quince jelly, honey, grapes and olives

Tabla Ibérico (G)*

 Meat Platter including Jamón, salchichón, chorizo, grapes and olives

Tabla Mixta (G)*

Mixed platter of cured Ibérico meats, Spanish cheeses, quince jelly, grapes and olives

All our tablas/charuterie are served with slices of toast and crackers


Fiesta de Pan (G)*

Selection of warm home baked bread