Tapas y Raciones/ Small and Large Dishes

Pan Catalán (V) (G)*

Toasted bread with fresh tomato purée, garlic, seasoning and garnished with parsley and olive oil

Pa Amb Tomaquet (G)*

Toasted bread with tomato purée, garlic, Serrano ham and extra virgin olive oil

Patatas Bravas/ Alioli (V)* (G)*

Deep fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce or garlic mayonnaise or both sauces

Berenjena Gratinada (V) (G)*

Baked aubergine, chestnut mushrooms and onion covered with melted cheese and a balsamic dressing


Tortilla Española (G)

Traditional omelette made with potatoes, whole free range eggs, onion and seasoning

Or you can have it made with mushrooms/ spinach/ gambas/ chorizo/ Jamón Serrano

Judías Verdes salteadas con Jamón Serrano (V)* (G)

Pan fried green beans (and Jamón Serrano optional)

Pimientos de Padrón (V) (G)

Fried Padrón peppers (Some sweet, some hot and spicy)


Pisto Manchego (V) (G)

Poached courgette, aubergine, bell pepper, onion and tomatoes

Champiñones ajillo/ Pil pil (V) (G)

Pan fried chestnut mushrooms with garlic oil (chilli optional)

Champiñones con Jamón (G)

Pan fried chestnut mushrooms with garlic oil and Jamón Serrano

Chanquetes (G)*

Deep fried whitebait in seasoned flour served with tartar sauce


Almejas al Ajillo Ó Pil Pil (G)

Pan fried Clams in garlic oil (Chilli optional)


Calamares a la Malagueña (G)*

Deep fried squid rings in seasoned flour served with tartar sauce


Gambas ajillo/Pil pil (G)

Prawns cooked with garlic oil (Chilli optional)

Tostada de Gambas (G)*

Prawns in breadcrumbs on a bed of potato slices with bell pepper, onion and garlic with mayonnaise and balsamic vinegar


Pimientos de Piquillo Relleno

Piquillo peppers stuffed with cod and béchamel and deep fried in breadcrumbs


Beef and pork meatballs with onion, carrots, peas and herbs in a rich tomato sauce

Croquetas de Jamón y pollo

Deep fried croquettes with Serrano ham, chicken and béchamel in breadcrumbs

Pinchos de Choripollo (G)*

Chicken and chorizo skewers on freshly baked sourdough bread slices

Chorizo al vino (G)

Chorizo slow cooked in a white wine and onion reduction

Alitas de Pollo al Ajillo (G)

Chicken wings in garlic oil served with cabrales cheese dip

Alitas de Pollo Picante (G)

Chicken wings in garlic or spicy sauce served with cabrales cheese dip

Like it Picante… How hot? You choose. . .  hot or Extra Hot!