Tablas / Charcuterie

Tablas/ Charcuterie

Tabla de Quesos (V) (G)* 13/ 22

A selection of Spanish cheeses with quince jelly, honey, grapes and olives

Tabla de Ibéricos (G)* 14/ 24

Iberico cured meat platter including Jamón, salchichón, chorizo, grapes and olives

Tabla Mixta (G)* 13/22

Mixed platter of cured Iberico meats, Spanish cheeses, quince jelly, grapes and olives

Tabla de Salmón Ahumado (G)* (F) 13/ 22

Smoked salmon slices with cracked black pepper and fresh chives served with a fresh fruit salad,

crème fraiche and rocket with a lemon mustard dressing

All our tablas are served with toasted bread pieces and or crackers.



Fiesta de Pan (G)* 1.50

Selection of warmed artisan bread slices