Sopas & Ensaladas / Soups & Salads

Sopas/ Soups

Guiso de Lentejas con Chorizo (V)* (G)* 5.50/ 6

Traditional lentil stew with onion, carrots and garlic (with Chorizo optional) served with some bread

Potaje de Garbanzos (G)* (F) 6

Southern Spanish cod and chickpea stew with onion and peas served with some bread

Fabada (G)* 6

Spanish butter bean stew with onion, morcilla, chorizo, herbs and spices served with some bread


Ensaladas/ Salads


Ensalada Rusa (G)* (F) 5/ 9

Cold potato salad with carrots, peas, tuna and mayonnaise,

garnished with piquillo pepper, olives and mini bread sticks

Campera (V) (G) 5/ 8

Mixed leaves, red onion, tomatoes, green olives and extra virgin olive oil

Pollo caliente con Jamón Serrano (G) 9

Mixed leaves, red onion, tomatoes, pan fried chicken fillet pieces and Serrano Ham with garlic oil

El Sur (V) (G) (N)* 8.75

Mixed leaves, red onion, dates, crumbled goat cheese, walnuts and a honey dressing