Cafés/ Coffees


Café solo (long espresso)

Cortado (espresso with a drop of milk)

Americano (black coffee)

Bonbon (espresso with condensed milk)

Leche leche (espresso, condensed milk and micro foamed milk)

Cappuccino (double espresso, chocolate powder, steamed milk and foam)

Café con leche/Flat White (double espresso with steamed milk)

Manchada/Latté (espresso with micro foamed milk)

Mocha (espresso, chocolate and topped with steamed milk and foam)

Caramel/ Hazelnut latté (Latté with either caramel or hazelnut syrup)

Affogato (espresso with a scoop of vanilla icecream)

Café Espanóla (Americano with a shot of Pedro Ximinez and topped with cream)

We also have decaffeinated coffee if you prefer your coffee without the caffeine hit.

(Soya or almond milk available)

Tés/ Teas

Lyon’s Green label/ Barry’s Red label/ Lyon’s Decaffeinated tea

Organic Green tea/ Decaf Green tea

RosehipWild Blackcurrant

Camomile/ Organic Nettle

Raspberry Leaf/ Peppermint

Apple and Cinnamon/ Fennel

Earl Grey/ Lemon and Ginger

Refrescos / Soft Drinks

Coca-Cola/ Diet coke/ Coke zero

Club orange/ Club lemon

Sprite/ 7up

White lemonade/ Red lemonade

Oscar Wilde Irish Still water 330ml/750ml bottles

Oscar Wilde Irish Sparkling water 330ml/750ml bottles

Glass of milk

Homemade hot chocolate

(Spanish or Irish style)

Zumos/ Juices

Orange juice

Apple juice

Cranberry juice

Peach juice

Pomegranate juice